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Note: We are transitioning from this blog to our own website.

For current information, check us out at:

If you work with women who are in need of bras, contact Support1000:

We've collected thousands of bras and will donate bras to your organization and support YOU in making a difference for others.

Quick update

Support1000 NFP finds itself at a critical point: transitioning from the casual efforts of 1 person to the focused commitment of a team, living into a vision that gets clearer each day.

The vision has gone beyond bras. With each reply we get from the from the organizations that we donate to, and the comments from people who donate to Support1000, dignity is the clear theme. Thus, Support1000 is a dignity project more than a bra project.

One upcoming event is in collaboration with Enchanted Makeovers. Click the links and see what we're up to. It's exciting ... and about dignity!

Also, we're getting the hang of this social media. We have a new FaceBook page, Twitter account and Website. Follow us, be in touch, let's change the world together.

I almost forgot. The CBS interview that aired last week. Harry Porterfield created a wonderful story for his long-running series: Someone You Should Know. Thank you, Harry!

Finally, here are comments from an organization that Support1000 sent bras to. They provide interviewing clothes to their clients.

"I received the bras on Wednesday. They are beautiful! We had a difficult to fit client yesterday--she tried the 46 DD that I had literally just walked in. She had never had a correctly fitting bra. She was amazed! Thank you for your generosity . Your donation has already helped one client but will help, of course, many more."

Support1000 NFP is officially a 501(c)3 Organization

YAYYY! The letter arrived from the IRS last week: Support1000 NFP is now a recognized non-profit, tax-exempt organization. This will allow us to to do much more to provide bras to women who otherwise don't have the quality and dignity available to them.

Support1000 is also taking on many transitions. We've been quiet for a while; hence, this blog hasn't had many updates recently, but we haven't been inactive. We're building a website, reviewing and creating processes to increase efficiency, planning relocation to a bigger space, and building teams.

Finally, we get emails asking, "are you still accepting bras." The answer: heck yeah! Support1000 is going to be around forever!

Because we've gotten bigger than ever expected, financial donations are needed. Until recently, Support1000 was personally funded and limited to the Chicago area. With success and attention, we've satisfied needs far beyond Chicago. Postage costs, costs of supplies, etc. have exploded. We'll soon need to move out of my home and into a rented (or donated) workspace. Your financial donation would help cover the operating costs of generating the small miracles that are associated with quality well-fitting bras for the women and organizations who are in need.

Financial donations can be done through PayPal at:

Bras and financial donations made payable to Support1000 may be mailed to:

Oz du Soleil
PO Box 412406
Chicago, IL 60641

Thank you all!

Oz du Soleil, Founder and Executive Director

The past 2 months have been CRAZAY!!

The last 2 months have been awesome!
More bras have been sent out, and more have come in. With each incoming donation we see just how generous and caring people can be for others.

Support1000 sent bras to St. Taylor's Wrap Around (San Diego, CA). One of the many great things they do is help women who've recently been released from prison. The women are released with nearly nothing, and theirs is a story I've heard so many times: underwear--especially bras--is difficult to find amidst the vast network of social services.

Through the donations of retailers and the general public, Support1000 was able to send 50 bras to Support St. Taylor's. This is just one example of the difference that has been made.

More media attention
An affiliate of MSNBC,, contacted Support1000 for an interview and a fantastic article was published. Journalist Bonnie Davis really captured the world of Support1000 and its inspiration.

Finally, check out this video interview hosted by Lee Owens and shot by videographer Nick Meriage.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements in 2010 and continue to be in touch if you need donations for your organization or would like to make a donation.

Love and Happy Holidays,


Organizations that have received Support1000 donations
Apna Ghar (Chicago)
Breakthrough Urban Mission (Chicago)
buildOn (an organization that sends supplies and necessities to Mali)
Atlanta Union Mission (Atlanta, GA)
PADS SW Chicago (Chicago, IL)
Poised for Success (Lombard, IL)
Cornerstone Outreach (Chicago)
Westside Assoc for Community Action (Chicago)
Arlington Life Shelter (Arlington, TX)
St. Taylor's Wrap-Around (San Diego, CA)
Friedman Place (residential facility for the blind and visually-impaired, Chicago)
Annapolis Lighthouse (Annapolis, MD)
Community Action Family Shelter (Hillsboro, OR)
Leanna's Closet (Greeley, CO)
Catholic Charities (Waukegan, IL)
Stand Up for Kids (Wilmette, IL)
Women's Shelter (Longmont, CO)
New Jerusalem Church (Springfield, IL)
PADS North Chicago (Homeless shelter in North Chicago, IL)
Pineridge Reservation (Sioux Reservation, SD)
IMAGINE Me Foundation (Chicago)
St. Mark Church (Chicago)
New Beginnings (Pittsburgh, PA)
St. Francis High School (Sioux Reservation, SD)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Party For Support1000!

Support1000 is growing from an idea to a movement, and it is an exciting ride. Our whole goal has always been about providing women with the tools they need to achieve dignity, starting with the fundamental support a bra can provide. We want women to feel good about themselves, to present themselves to the world as confident, capable, professional citizens. We believe that no matter who you are you deserve dignity.

free clip art bra Pictures, Images and Photos

And we believe that we can have fun spreading this message. Over the past few months Support1000 has begun to take on a life of it’s own. We’ve gone to events and passed out fliers, been interviewed on ABC news, and are now in the embryonic stages of taking this nonprofit to the next level.

Ever since getting our 501c3 status we knew we wanted this to last , and to grow from a few people packing bras in a storage facility to a self-sustaining organization that provided women not only bras, but a voice, a message, and an image of empowerment. Now we’re working on that, building a network of support, planning events, looking for an office building and constantly dreaming of our next step.

And right now that next step is all about getting the word out and having a good time. This Thursday, October 7th, we’ll be holding the first Support1000 event. We’ve gone to events before, but this is all about Support1000 having fun, meeting people, and expanding our network. We’re calling this event “Bras and Booze” and it is open to everyone over the age of 21 (it is a bar crawl after all!) And the best thing is that it’s free! While you have to pay for your own drinks, there are certainly worse ways to spend a Thursday evening than sharing a pitcher of beer with like-minded, bra-loving people.

So, join us this Thursday in Andersonville to drink, schmooze, and be part of our ongoing movement! Details will be posted on our facebook page so stay tuned for where we’re meeting!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Support1000 NFP is moving up!

Support1000 has finally moved out of my livingroom and into a space where we can work, spread out and get organized.

For a while we've been a bit quiet because Support1000 expanded beyond the livingroom. Hence, getting donations out was rough because distribution wasn't so easy in a tight space. Now, we've changed our location and can get donations in and out more efficiently.

Support1000 NFP thanks Uline for the 80 bins they donated. Not only do we have space, we've got stackable bins (a bin for each bra size) rather than boxes that we have to move around and sift through.

Thanks to the friends who came by Saturday and donated time to Support1000's organization.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Awesome email from a donor

This email came from the wonderful person who covered the cost of sending 114 bras to Kenya:

Just wanted to say it was very nice to meet you yesterday. Thank you so much for packing up those bras and sending them to Kenya!
I also wanted to let you know that my sister is sending 2 boxes to you by UPS from Philadelphia. She told me that the UPS driver split the shipping charges with her when he heard the story of what was in the boxes!
All the best-

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lots of donations! Incoming and outgoing

WOW! I just picked up 32 boxes of donations from the PO Box ... in 2 full carts at the post office.
Next week we're sending donations to Portland, OR (an organization that works with teens) and Lombard, IL (an organization that provides interviewing and office attire to women).

Yesterday a box went out to Atlanta, GA to a women's shelter.

Thanks for all the donations! Keep 'em coming. You all are part of moving something that hadn't moved before!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Be careful what you wish for ...

...because it might come true.

The past 2 weeks have been phenomenal. As a result of the
articles by reporter Dawn Reiss, the story on AOL's home page last weekend, and a podcast by KeepingScoreinChicago, emails, donations and requests have poured in.

Support1000 will soon be sending donations to Smyrna, GA and Lombard, IL.

And let me add a reminder: if you've contacted Support1000 and haven't heard anything, you WILL get a response.

Also: if you are in the Chicago area and would like to help, please be in touch.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

501c3 Update

Big news this week: the Illinois Articles of Incorporation were submitted.
A first step toward acquiring non-profit status.

Attorney Patrick Richards of Richards Patent Law has offerred pro bono assistance in Support1000 being formed as an official non-profit organization.

Patrick is a good friend and an inspiration. His compassion and "just get it done" spirit are powerful and I'm glad to have him as a friend and as a Board member for Support1000.

Busy week!

As a result of the article written by Dawn Reiss, the week has been BUSY! The story has been picked up by lots of media outlets and the repsonse has been fantastic. People have expressed interest in donating, helping, and requesting donations for themselves or their organizations.

The AOL version of the story can be found at this hyperlink .

Today I'm preparing for a "sorting party" that'll happen tomorrow. A team of volunteers is coming over to inventory, sort and pack. We'll be preparing donations that will go out with Monday's mail.

Also today, for those of you have have emailed ... I'm going to park myself this afternoon and start replying. I'm promising to respond to everyone within 72 hours of having received your email.

So, please be in touch!

Thank you all for your support and interest in Support1000. I hope this inspires more people to take their wild and exciting ideas, bring them into the world and enjoy the experience of having made a difference.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The application fee has been raised!

Support1000 has be quiet lately. Things have been moving but moving quietly as we focus on the 501c3 application for non-profit status.

This past week was full of miracles that included the realization of the entire application fee of $750. I share this with the purpose of inspiring people who have a dream or goal and want to bring it to life.

Last Monday, I sat here with $207 and having made the promise to be fully funded by the end of the week. It has taken a month to get the $207. Yet, after having made the promise, I got into action. That included asking friends for donations, and depositing a can full of coins into the bank.

It wasn't that easy. I sat here scared to death before I got started. I dreamed up everything that could go wrong, I imagined people being mean to me, I imagined failing. But then there was the overall commitment that was getting buried in all the worries. Non-profit status and the women who need bras! They're waiting on me.

That's where I re-focused. The goal re-emerged. Suddenly, I was in action and dreaming up ideas to get from here to there. Saturday morning--6 days later--the full $750 had been collected.

This isn't about me, though. It's my story. This is about inspiring people and making a difference; having a commitment, creating a future and living into that future. We all can do that!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Support1000 Update

Many of you know that Support1000 is no longer the 1-time project that it started out as. We are seeking permanence through non-profit status.

Over the past few weeks I, and several other helpful individuals, have worked on the bylaws, mission statement, the time line, etc. Lots of work! But it's worth it--no question about that. It's worth it when I think about the hundreds of women who've been supported by Support1000, and think about the unmet need that's much bigger than I knew when Support1000 started.

To date:
1308 bras have been donated in 4 states and a village in Mali.
28 unique entities have recieved donations of bras, including:
- 2 residential facilities for recovering addicts
- homeless shelters
- 2 schools
- several churches
- several social workers

If you work with low-income women, please be in touch and we can arrange a donation of bras.
If you would like to donate, please be in touch: support1000bras @ g mail. co m

Sunday, June 7, 2009

501c3 status for Support1000

WOW! Suport1000 hase been in existence since November 2008. I figured that, by now, I would have collected and donated 1000 bras, and would have moved on. Instead, I sit here this weekend with the IRS application for 501c3 status ... planning to keep Support1000 alive forever. How did this happen?

The need for a nice, well-fitting bra has turned out to be enormous. The volunteers and donors who've supported Support1000 have thereby supported hundreds of women in shelters, high school girls, women entering the workforce, and many others who otherwise couldn't afford a decent bra.

For many of the organizations we have donated to, this was the first time any form of underwear has been available. I thought:

"people move through and move on. There's turnover. New people will be in need of help? What happens if Support1000 doesn't exist?"

I'm committed to Support1000 being available to the organizations we donate to as they experience the turnover of the women they serve.

So, this weekend is about starting the process so that Support1000 has 501c3 status as a non-profit business, and is no longer a one-time project.

Again, thanks to all of the volunteers, people who've donated, those we've donated to, and the countless people who've had inspiring comments.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

7MAY update: 14 bras out the door, many more planned

Update on the challenge to get 200 bras out the door by Saturday:
14 bras went to Milwaukee, WI yesterday.

Several conversations are taking place. Let's start more conversations! With your help, we can support the women who need good bras.

Be in touch!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Donation challenge

Today brings an invitation to all of the friends and supporters of Support1000:

Help get 200 bras donated by this Saturday, 9MAY09

If you know of an organization that helps women or girls, and you would like to make a difference by donating bras, Support1000 will back you by providing the bras so that you can make the donation.
  • No amount is too small. Support1000 has donated as few as 4, and as many as 200 bras.
  • The donations should go to entities where the bras will be given and not sold.

Please! Be in touch; let us know how many bras you need and let's work out the details:

support1000bras @ gmail . com

Again: 200 bras out the door by 9MAY09!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gobal Activism Expo

Saturday I went to the Gobal Activism Expo at Northeastern University. It was inspiring to be around people who started with an idea and believed in it enough to take action and make a difference for others. For many of the participants, their organization is a lifestyle ... something much more than an occupation. This spoke to me as I sketch out the future for Support1000.

So, I begin to think about how I might best continue to support those women who otherwise wouldn't have decent, well-fitting bras? The women in the shelters, schools, and churches; the women served by foundations that provide clothing and other necessities.

What the future looks like, I don't know. But I'm committed to keeping Support1000 in permanent existence.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

214 bras went out the door today

WOW! It started @ 8:30 this morning. Now it's 8:30pm and I'm finally sitting down.

Ms. Gomez was the first visitor; a very pleasant social worker (thank you for the work that you do, and thank you for taking the time to pick up the donation).

After that, I went to pick up my friend Anna and we packed boxes and inventoried for several hours ... motivated by the fact that unknown people are waiting for these bras.

This afternoon bras went to a Chicago church; a Native American High School; a Native American University; and a womens shelter in Boulder, CO.

Thank you Anna for your help and ideas.

Finally: a lot of people have emailed requests. We'll be getting you soon.

Support1000 + Chicago Tribune

Friday, 2OCT09, an article about Support1000 was published in the Chicago Tribune. Journalist Dawn Reiss wrote a wonderful article that captures the start, success and impact Support1000 has made in this typically un-noticed area of need.

Lots of emails have poured in from generous people who want to make a difference. Please, if you would like to make a donation to Support1000, contact me at:

Or ship your donation to:

Oz du Soleil
PO Box 412406
Chicago, IL 60641

I can't express enough appreciation for the many people who've helped Support1000 make a difference for those organizations that serve women who are in need.
Thank you!

Letters of appreciation

To Support1000,

The students at Myra Bradwell are grateful to accept the donation from your organization. The items are being distributed to young ladies in addition to other clothing items. This recent donation has increased our capacity to get clothing to needy families at our school. We appreciate your support.

Sincerely Yours,
M. Cosey

Thank you very much for the donation of bras. I work with women that stay at homeless shelters because they have been struggling through domestic violence. The bras will be given to these women. When I saw your post on Craigslist I e-mailed you immediately. Affording a bra is a luxury when there is very little money.


P. Gomez

Support1000 moves beyond its original goals!

3 weeks ago, 28MAR09, Support1000 donated the 1000th bra!!!

Again, many thanks to the people who've donated, helped inventory, packed & unpacked boxes, etc. You've helped improve the lives of HUNDREDS of women in Illinois, South Dakota and Colorado; in emergency shelters, high schools, churches, transitional housing, a foundation for at-risk girls, and a residential facility for the blind and visually-impaired.

You have helped fulfill a need that was much larger than ever was expected.

Now what?

Support1000 came into existence to collect and donate 1000 bras and make a difference for hundreds of women who were in need of a decent bra. We've collected 3000 bras, donated 1000 and that means Support1000 is complete. Done! No Mas.

We step into new territory now. We begin to explore permanence, a new name, a new mission, etc. What that looks like, we don't know yet. But we're looking to network and partner with other charitable and non-profit organizations.

You are invited to give feedback and advice or, ask questions of us. Thus, your help is still sought and valued.

And please, if you have bras to donate send them our way. If you need bras donated to your organization, please be in touch!